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Top Three of the Week – Podcasts

Top Three


Radiolab is a show that airs on 450 NPR stations across the United States and is available via podcast on multiple devices. The show is a mix of science, philosophy, and human interest and is done in a way that hooks you into wanting more.  This is one of the best podcasts out there if you are into creative storytelling with a twist.


This American Life is a show that airs on over 500 NPR stations all over the United States and the world. It is also one of the most popular podcasts available today.  The producers of the show describe it as a show that “chooses a theme each week and puts together different kinds of stories on that theme.”  This is my favorite podcast I have ever listened to and I would highly recommend everyone listen as often as possible.



Serial is the first spin-off show from the producers of This American Life.  This podcast/show is similar to This American Life but is composed of one story told in serial form.  The way the show is constructed is most similar to how the book “The Green Mile” was released – one chapter at a time.  In this case, one chapter of the story is released each week.  The show this season is focused on Adnan Syed, a man serving time for the murder of his ex-girlfriend.  Did he really do it?  We don’t know…..stay tuned.  I cannot wait until the next episode is available.