Weekly Reflection and Practice – The Multi-Modal Approach to Course Development


This last week consisted of recovery after a lot of research went into the Pedagogical Approach paper.  The great part about this research is that it can immediately be used for my job.  The Hybrid approach to course development is a great way to design a course.  If you start from the beginning thinking about the different ways the course can be delivered, it is easier to design as a hybrid.  If you wanted to have online, on ground, traditional, and hybrid courses of different lengths (5,8,16 weeks) you would just need to first create the online version 5 week version of the course and then adapt it to fit each other modality.  Starting with the shortest and most intense length of course helps when stretching out that course to fit longer periods of time.

I have found great success in adapting our online courses to fit the 8 and 16 week varieties. 16 weeks is really too long for an asynchronous online course but a hybrid version would work great.  A mixture of both face-to-face and online is a great combination to fit the flexibility needs of the student while at the same time encouraging true content engagement.


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