Top 3 of the Week – Techsmith Tools

This week I wanted to share my three (current) favorite technology tools.

Techsmith Camtasia Studio 8 –

Techsmith Camtasia Studio 8 is an easy and inexpensive tool to use to edit, narrate, and publish video content for use in and out of the classroom. With this tool you also able to break apart your video into lessons and embed quizzes.  The feature I most often use is the video screen capture to create how-to training videos on the various programs, processes, or procedures that students and staff need to accomplish.

Techsmith Snagit – 

Techsmith Snagit is an additional tool in the Techsmith toolbelt that allows quick and easy screen captures that can be edited and used for instructional purposes.  This is great tool to quickly capture only what you want of the screen and publish the capture anywhere you would like to use it.

Techsmith Relay

Techsmith Relay is a great tool that can be used in combination with video cameras to capture institutional lectures and seminars. This software and service is installed on every computer in a college so Faculty can simply capture their lectures and whatever they have shown on the screen with only a few clicks. Once captured, the video is uploaded automatically to a cloud server that then becomes an institutional YouTube, where all videos are stored.  These videos can then be edited, quizzes built into them, and published/embedded in a multitude of formats.  This is a a great tool/service that gives faculty an easy way to flip the classroom or create hybrid lessons.


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