Who Gets First Priority?


“By the way, isn’t it time that we stopped using “non-traditional” as a way to identify cohorts of individuals who have just as much of a right to learn, grow, and succeed as those who are labelled as being “traditional?” Language matters and we’re all learners. The generally accepted primacy of “traditional” over “non-traditional” needs to fade. We’re all students. That’s why we call it life-long learning.”  Eric Stoller https://www.insidehighered.com/blogs/student-affairs-and-technology/pondering-non-trad-difference

This statement by Eric Stoller points out the reality of too many Universities in the United States. College faculty and administration usually focus on Traditional, brick and mortar campus programs and treat Online or Distance learning programs as second class citizens.  This is a strange way to treat the program that educates the majority of the school’s students in many cases.

The truth is that all students should be first priority and all faculty and administration need to see themselves as just a part of a support team that serves these students!


2 thoughts on “Who Gets First Priority?”

  1. I absolutely agree! A student, by definition, is any person who ‘studies, investigates, or examines thoughtfully’ (dictionary.com)….regardless of the environment they sit in while this learning takes place!


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