Weekly Reflection and Practice – How Effective Change is Accomplished in Higher Ed


This week’s challenge has been to be patient with the pace of change in my college.  Through experience and research I can see what will happen if solutions are not operationalized but I only have so much power to implement change.  I have discovered that it will take more than sharing my experience and research with others to gain stakeholder buy-in.  These will help my cause as I present solutions to various stakeholders, but without first rallying support from those I know are like-minded, I will be ineffective.

I will now be taking the “beta test” approach with select faculty, in that I will ask them to try the solutions out for themselves.  I will approach these faculty by first going to the deans of the college and explaining to them what I see and how I believe it can be effectively approached.  I will also go into these meetings with others who have seen the needs I have seen. I am confident that this approach will produce the results that the institution needs – that the students need. I will patiently move forward…………


2 thoughts on “Weekly Reflection and Practice – How Effective Change is Accomplished in Higher Ed”

  1. I hear you on the frustrations with moving forward. For some reason, we in higher ed are slow to change. I’m sure this has its benefits, but there are times it can be quite frustrating. Keep pressing on. =)


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