Using Technology to Increase Student Success and Satisfaction

What was your biggest fear as a college student? Was that fear academic or social in nature?  For me, this fear was math!  Even though my grades in High School did not show my ability to do much of anything, I had the ability to excel at most subjects except for those in the math area.  I took all the lower level math classes I could in high school because I did not plan on going to college.  I didn’t go to college until 6 years after high school graduation and then I still tried to avoid math. The problem that I was facing was daunting.  How do I graduate college without taking College Algebra?  It was not possible.  My solution was to wait to take this class last.  The problem was that I did not want to take this class ever.  A few years after I was supposed to graduate I finally enrolled in an online College Algebra class, got a tutor, finished the course, and was able to graduate.  What other option did I have? Not many at that time.

Now, as an administrator at a college, I search out ways to support student success through technology in every area of their college life. I recently discovered, am now implementing at my school, an assessment and adaptive remediation tool called EdReady;jsessionid=EAB7D3065909759652EF2C1EA0FD0291

EdReady was spearheaded by the non-profit The NROC Project and beta tested by colleges all over the United States.  This project has student student success as their heartbeat.

The NROC Project primarily focuses on college level Math readiness and is expanding their content to support English readiness as well (Early to Mid 2015). Their comprehensive set of tools can help students study for math placement tests in a way that can potentially save them: thousands of dollars, time to graduation, and much frustration.  These tools can also help faculty and other support staff to build a robust tutoring system that truly put the needs of the student first.

These types of tools are what I needed as a student…they are what all students need.  I am committed to using technology to help students succeed in every subject, and in every area of their college lives.  This is just one tool in a toolbox that will never stop growing.  Check this tool out and let me know what you think!


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