Weekly Reflection and Practice – King and Killer


This week focused on the collection and use of data to improve instruction and learning.  This has been my world in my position as Chair of the Technology Taskforce at my institution.  The President of the college has requested that we create  systems in a way that, not only collects institutional data, but allows it to be reported and used easily.  In the past we have collected data in many different ways, and through many different systems. This data collection method has led to spotty information in systems that are difficult to report out of.  Through my research into how we can collect and report on data efficiently, I have found in some areas that we do not collect enough information, and that in others we are collecting the same data through multiple systems.

As we implement new systems and software at our college, I intend on making sure that we use these tools to collect and analyze the data efficiently, and then act on the knowledge gained through this research to improve staff, faculty, and student success. Data is king when done effectively and a killer when done without a proper philosophy of collecting, analyzing, and action!


One thought on “Weekly Reflection and Practice – King and Killer”

  1. An important element in all of this that I don’t think the book emphasizes enough is learning analytics. Of course, there aren’t really any models that I’ve seen out there that look at learning data, holistically, across the institution. It will be interesting to see where this all goes in a few years.


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